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This is a must have product for Women with LOW Progesterone...

What a life changer!

This May Be The Magic Bullet for Women!

For many women this new Young Living EXCLUSIVE product just might well prove to be the magic bullet for their health concerns. Progessence Plus Serum is much more than just a progesterone supplement. 

First of all what can progesterone (P4 - the exact kind the body produces naturally) do for you and who can use it? 

This is safe and recommended  for young girls just 
starting their menstrual cycles and continuing on up to post-menopausal women.  
If you suffer from: 

Migraine headaches, 
Post Partum Depression 
Mood swings, Sudden Tears, Depression, Anxiety
Metabolic Syndrome X – insulin resistance 
Vaginal Dryness
Night sweats, Day sweats, Hot Flashes 
Memory Lapse, Difficulty concentrating, Confusion
Hair loss 
Lowered libido 
Muscle wasting 
Weight gain 
Incontinence especially when sneezing or laughing
Bone health issues (osteoporosis)
Nerve damage 
Low energy levels 
Pituitary problems or damage (*Most common cause of low progesterone) 
Low thyroid (caused from damaged pituitary) 
Interstitial Cystitis 
and probably other things not mentioned 
Increased acne
Breast tenderness
Irregular periods-heavy, light,  flooding, shorter, longer
Itchy crawly skin
Tinnitus-ringing in ears
Sudden bloating
Change in fingernails to brittle and crack easier
Dizziness, light headedness, episodes of loss of balance
Increase in allergies
Bouts of rapid heart beat
Increased tension in muscles
Low thyroid (caused from damaged pituitary) 
Interstitial Cystitis 
and probably other things not mentioned 

and if you want to: 

reduce your risk of breast cancer 
kill breast cancer cells 
reduce the risk of heart attacks 

then Progessence Plus Serum may be your  magic bullet. OK, I hear you. “I’ve tried progesterone creams before and they did not seem to help; or they did for a while and then stopped”. Progessence Plus Serum is different. This USP grade wild yam (P4) progesterone is a natural     progesterone identical to human progesterone made from wild yams and is super-micronized to less than 5 microns, then melted into the essential oil infused serum containing vitamin E, and essential oils frankincense (boswellia sacara), copaiba, bergamot and peppermint that absorbs into the skin and levels out progesterone levels like never before. 

Oral hormones have an undesired side effect; according to the International Journal of Pharmaceuticals. That side effects is increased estradiol. They suggest topical applications over oral troches or sub-linguals. 

Dr. Dan Purser has spent his professional life researching and educating both physicians and women on the dangers of regular hormone therapy, and the preferred safe alternative of progesterone. His research concludes that 98% of all women, ages 12 and up would benefit from the use of progesterone cream if they have any of the symptoms listed above. Girls as young as 12, he says, with heavy periods, cramping, PMS will benefit. Even women with complete hysterectomies and nursing moms. Women using Progessence Plus Serum can safely use through the tenth week of pregnancy, and by then the body should be making sufficient amounts on its own. 

Dr. Purser said: “Taking just ONE birth control pill 
increases your risk for breast cancer for the next TEN YEARS”. This should never be an option when 
Progessence Plus Serum will help you overcome the symptoms the birth control pill is often prescribed for. 
In his quest to bring his patients the very best,  his lab partnered with Young Living to create Progessence Plus Serum, sold exclusively through Young Living. 
Only 2% of women are low estrogen the rest are low progesterone!
How to use: 

It is not necessary to use according to your female cycle, daily use is fine, but you can use according to your cycle. 
Apply to clean dry skin, such as after a bath or shower. As your natural oils build up on the skin during the day, better absorption will occur if the skin is clean and warm. 
Use as often as desired, generally one to two drops on the neck over the carotid arteries, temples, jaw, forearm, spine, etc. every hour or until symptoms are gone. 
Once you are feeling better, then you can adjust the amount used.  Suggested use is also on the bottle.

Dr. Purser says if you are way out of balance you can experience nausea and headaches when you first start using progesterone supplementation this can happen because the body is trying to come back into balance. If you experience this a person only needs to use 1 drop and this could last up to 3 days while the body is coming back into balance, then it will stop. Older women could also have headaches from this but just use with caution and one drop once a day until the body is in balance
According to Dr. Purser this formulation is perfectly fine to take with birth control and will not cause blood clots. It may actually be beneficial in relieving issue with them. 
CrownDiamondTools.com  has Dr. Purser’s booklet   available: ‘Real Solutions for the Top 7 Female Health        Concerns’
Go to Tools and then select books     
 A huge help!


TMJ - Teresa Gingles 
For years I have suffered with TMJ. Everything I ate had to be cut up as I could not open wide enough for a sandwich. After one application of Progessence Plus Serum over the jaw area, within minutes I could open my mouth fully. 

Painful periods, menstrual migraine - 20 year old female 
Pain, headaches, nausea, heavy flow were all a part of this young ladies life during her cycle. Hit hard while attending 
convention, she was in bed waiting for things to get better. She 
applied Progessence Plus Serum to her temples and arms. The headache began to subside, but the nausea was intense. Then out of desperation we applied 20 drops of Progessence Plus Serum (Dr. Purser said we just  needed to use more to get her over the hump) to her spine and feet. Within 15 minutes she was completely out of pain, no symptoms. She continues to use 
Progessence Plus Serum three times daily, one to two drops on the neck. 

Migraine - 21 year old female 
Intense migraines left this young lady in bed, wearing           sunglasses and very nauseated. Progessence Plus Serum was 
applied to the temples, repeatedly every hour until her hormone levels came up to normal and  the headache broke. 

Whole demeanor changes - Christin Pivero 
I never knew how great I could feel until I tried Progessence Plus Serum. Now if I start to feel a little out of sorts, I apply Progessence Plus Serum and within minutes I feel great again. My husband is going to love this new product! 

Hot flashes gone - Dana Hartstein 
I have suffered with hot flashes off and on and found many products from Young Living that helped; but nothing like 
Progessence Plus Serum. I applied some of the samples 
available at the convention expo and no more hot flashes. 

Sleep - Debra Raybern 
Always a light sleeper, alert  to every cricket outside my      window, using Progessence Plus Serum I have a terrific night sleep, wake refreshed and as a side note no more night sweats. 

Sleep - Sera Johnson 
With four young children I have been a light sleeper for years. Using Progessence Plus Serum from the very first night my sleep has been sound and no waking in the 
middle of the night. I wake refreshed. 

Progessence Plus Serum, exclusive to Young Living. 
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Progessence™ Plus serum is formulated for maximum performance. All natural, USP-grade 
super-micronized progesterone from wild yam is melted in vitamin E and 
essential oils for optimal absorption. Studies indicate that limonene from frankincense and bergamot and menthol from peppermint oil can enhance substance penetration through the skin. Progessence Plus does not require the cycling of application sites.

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