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Aromatherapy is more than a pretty smell...Diffusing is an integral part of using essential oils, so is topical application and ingestion.
When you know you have the best essential oils in the world
in your medicine cabinet then you know you've opened the lid 
on a whole new world of wellness.

Welcome to my Young Living Essential Oil site!

 I hope you've arrived because you are inquisitive, because you are looking to change and take more control of your health...maybe the health of your family and even your animals, you've heard about essential oils and want to know more!


I have all kinds of information to share with you and to get started Please click here and listen to why Essential Oils are considered: The Missing Link!


Essential oils come from countries from all over the world and, making aromatherapy a truly global therapy, and information on the specific properties of each essential oil can be found in any one of hundreds of books published worldwide on the topic.

Understanding the Grades of Oils 
There are differences between synthetic fragrance oils and pure essential oils. All Young Living Essential Oils are therapeutic grade and Earth Kosher-Certified.. Other companies may be using different grades and what you need to know are what different grades of essential oils really mean

  • Therapeutic-grade oils are pure, medicinal, and contain all the desired therapeutic compounds. Therapeutic quality are usually made from organically grown plants, and are carefully distilled at the proper temperatures, the correct pressure and the correct amount of time.  As we begin to understand the power of essential oils in the realm of personal, holistic health care, we will appreciate the necessity for obtaining the purest essential oils possible. For this reason, the entire process of obtaining these oils must be carefully watched over from beginning to the end. Young Living Essential Oils is the only company dedicated to the medicinal use and application of essential oils that is able to guarantee essential oil quality from seed to seal.
  • Synthetic or nature-identical oils oils may have been created in a laboratory. They could contain synthetics, pesticides, fertilizers, extenders, or carrier oils.
  • Extended or altered oils are perfume grade and may contain the same type of adulterating chemicals as synthetic oils. They usually contain chemical solvents.
  • Floral Water is a byproduct of the distillation process, a very high quality, IF it comes from a therapeutic-grade distillation process. Accordingly, it is a low quality if it comes from poor quality raw materials and/or poor distillations processes.
  • Natural oils (organic) and certified oils may not contain any or just a few therapeutic compounds.

For me, my family and my animals... Therapeutic-grade essential oils are the only grade that I would ever use. Synthetics, pesticides, solvents, chemical additives may SMELL the same but they will NOT have the medicinal properties AND they are certainly not anything I would ever want to use on any of us!